2019 LG Gram 17 Benchmark (i5-8265U / 16GB RAM / eGPU)

LG Gram series are among the most portable laptops in the market, but thermal management weren't always top notch. Will the 17 inch LG Gram overcome its thermal limitation this time?

CPU Stress Test

ThrottleStop Stress Test
Max Turbo (3.9GHz)
Tested Clock (2.38GHz)
Base Clock (1.6GHz)
Throttle Temp
Clock per 1℃

Stress test results aren’t too bad considering it’s an ultra thin & light laptop. LG Gram series always had CPU thermal issues, but the 17 inch model seems to have better thermal management thanks to its bigger chassis.

CPU Scores

Test Model Cinebench R15 Cinebench R20
Gram17 (i5-8265U)
Desktop (i5-8400)
Test Model Geekbench Single Geekbench Multi
Gram17 (i5-8265U)
Desktop (i5-8400)
Test Model CPU-Z Single CPU-Z Multi
Gram17 (i5-8265U)
Desktop (i5-8400)

Not too bad for an i5-8265U processor. Not the best, but we’ve seen worse. Especially compared to smaller LG Gram models.

We used a desktop grade i5-8400 for comparison, but please keep in mind that a desktop CPU will always outperform a 15W ultrabook U-series CPU.

CPU Performance

Test Model PassMark CPU PassMark Total
Gram17 (i5-8265U)
Desktop (i5-8400)
No Data
Category Gram17 (i5-8265U) Desktop (i5-8400)
Digital Content

Graphics and Digital Content Creation scores are relatively low because LG gram series lack a dedicated GPU. However, test results indicate that light productivity tasks and web surfing will be a breeze with the LG Gram 17 inch.

SSD, RAM, and GPU greatly affects PassMark scores, so consider it as an overall performance data.

Graphics Direct X

Intel UHD620 integrated graphics has its limits. Most ultrabooks of this category shows 900~1200 FireStrike scores, and LG Gram seems to fall into this average score category.

Graphics Other

CUDA, OpenGL, OpenCL scores are important to those who use non-gaming graphic intensive tasks. Since the LG Gram is not meant for such professional tasks, please take these test results with a grain of salt.

Gaming Stock

Starcraft 2 Overwatch LoL
720p Low
720p Low
1080p Medium
Avg 160FPS
Avg 91FPS
Avg 90FPS

Light gaming is possible, only if you are willing to lower the graphical settings. Less intensive games such as League of Legends is totally playable at FHD resolutions.

eGPU 3D Mark

Integrated Graphics VS eGPU

It looks like our eGPU test results sit between a regular GTX1060 and GTX1070. However, overall graphics score remains high, while the CPU usually remains as a bottleneck for higher performance.

Therefore, we can expect that our eGPU setup will shine in less CPU intensive games, such as First Person Shooting genres.

eGPU Gaming

Witcher 3 Warframe SotTR
1080p Ultra
2K Very High
1080p Ultra
Avg 43FPS
Avg 114FPS
Avg 55FPS

Games with less CPU loads, such as Overwatch and Warframe performs extremely well with our eGPU setup. Even a high refresh rate monitor setup seems to be viable in high graphical settings.

However, AAA grade games seem to demand much more CPU power, tanking our overall frame rates. Since the bottleneck is usually due to CPU limitations, frame rates do not increase significantly even if we lower the graphical settings of such games. (Witcher 3 & Rise of the Tomb Raider)

[ Conclusion ]

We were enthused to see that the 17 inch model LG Gram has better thermal management than its smaller brothers. Granted, an ultrabook usually cannot utilize the CPU’s full potential, but we give the LG Gram 17 a pass thanks to its insane weight and portability.

If the 17 inch gram is too big for your use, there are smaller 13, 15, and 15 inch options.

Since an eGPU setup has its limitation due to the CPU performance, it would be wise to research whether your game of choice is CPU hungry or not.

This is an overall issue with all 15W ultrabook eGPU setups, and should not be considered as a problem of the LG Gram alone.

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